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All these cars and spares sold

1922 STANLEY 735B – 20hp

Regent green with straw lining
In same ownership for 18 years.
New boiler in 2005. Re-tubed with new tube plates in 2018.
Very original vehicle, regularly maintained by John Gould Restorations.
Benefits from new side screens, hood cover & tonneau, together with full waterproof cover for trailing.
Reliable 7-seater touring in style. Excellent condition.

Stanley Model 85
stanley Steamer

“If I could only have one Stanley, this would be the one” - Brent Campbell
With plenty of experience in 10-hp, 20-hp, and 30-hp cars, Brent Campbell was aware of the potential of the Stanley 30-hp power plant to create a comfortable, capable cruiser. He and Don Bourdon had mused about the attractiveness of the 1911 Model 70 body. They reviewed the advantages of a 30-hp Stanley power plant. (Don himself had then put over 30,000 miles on a 30-hp 12- passenger Mountain Wagon), and contracted Carl Amsley to build a Model 85 for himself and Don.

Don found a pair of jump seats from a Model 87 and sent them to St. Thomas. Amsley lengthened the body by 4 inches to comfortably accommodate the extra seats, so this is a true seven-passenger car, riding on a 131-inch wheelbase.

Norm Shanklin had also ridden many miles with Brent Campbell in "Big Green," and its capacity and performance inspired him to create his own 30-hp touring car. He commissioned Mark Herman to build a Model 85 body for him alongside the body he was building for Barry Herbert (this latter car is the one now for sale). Herman had just finished a meticulously researched run of five Model 70 bodies, so he had a thorough understanding of the visual characteristics to be emulated by the larger body. He also brought Don's Model 85 to his shop for study and measurement. As the construction of Barry's body became synchronized with that of Norm’s, it received the same strengthening sub frame upgrades. It rests on a 132 inch wheelbase.

Barry also added his own specialized improvements to the fundamental Stanley concepts. He installed a steam-powered water pump, allowing adjustment of boiler water level with out jacking a wheel. For pilot reliability, he used propane with continuous automatic spark lighting. He added front disc brakes to the rear hydraulic brakes, making the braking of this heavy car as good as any modern car. He assigned the number 6054 to the car, named it the "Wolds Waggoner," and in May of 2000, "Late Model 85 #7" made its debut. Performance was as strong as expected, and Barry enjoyed the car for some time touring the U,K., USA and Australia, before selling it to Bryan Richmond-Dodd, who sold it to Jeff Theobald, who campaigned it endlessly. It cruises comfortably at 50 MPH.

After Theobald's untimely passing, the car was repurchased by its original creator, Barry Herbert, who reports that the car has now covered about 25,000 miles. He has recently replaced the boiler with a new Don Bourdon wire-wound one, and installed a new burner and carried out a major renovation of the whole car including a full strip down, repaint. an additional rear Water Tank which incorporates a tool box. a GPS Speedometer, and replaced the wheels with new Calimer wooden wheels and new tyres.

Over the past 30 years, a new family of nine remarkable Stanleys has been created. The idea started with a couple of accomplished Stanley operators who wanted to expand their driving experience to cover long distances at comfortable road speeds with plenty of passengers. They enlisted talented designers, engineers, and fabricators; added their own considerable talents; and created an attractive and highly capable version of a Stanley. The repeated demonstration of these cars' practicality and performance then inspired others to create similar cars. Although there are variations in design and personal preference, all of these cars are highly regarded by their owners and in many instances continue to be their reliable touring car of choice.

(For full details of the History of the 9 Model 85's - See “The Steam Car” Issue 55 Page 8, Also see Issue No. 3 - Page 27, No, 4 - Page 18, No.. 5 - Page 30, No, 7 - Page 34, and No. 8 – Page16. All relating to the building and operating of this car.

1903 Type B Stanley

Very original 1903 Brighton Run Car. This car has done many Brighton runs and there is a clip on YouTube of 2009 run. This car won the 120 years of Stanley Cartier award at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2017 and the new owner will get the winning Silver Plate with the car. The VCC Certificate of Date No 1980 says it is a Type A but it is registered as a Type B. The VCC also so say this is the most original Type A they have seen. It appears never to have been restored and has always been in running order. I am sure the bodywork has had work done but the engine and pumps seem original. The boiler was replaced in 2015 and the hydraulic certificate runs until 2025.

The next Steam certificate is due in January 2020. In my ownership I have had hydraulic disc brakes fitted which apply to the engine not on the wheels. These are hidden under the car in a box. The car is much safer now on modern roads. She steams up and runs very well and is almost silent. I am including a special hydraulic jack I have had made so the car can be run statically. I also have a tailor made waterproof cover. I have a number of articles of great interest about the car. If you are looking for a genuine original Stanley in very good working order, to take to shows or do the Brighton run look no further.

1914 Stanley Model 607 Open Four Seater Touring Car
An original car in very good condition. New Bourdon Boiler fitted 2015 with boiler certificate to January 2020. Rear axle rebuilt with new half shafts and differential gears carried out by J R Gould. Brakes relined.

1906 Stanley Model H
stanley Steamer

Unique opportunity to own a legendary Stanley Model H “Gentleman’s Speedy Roadster” as this is the only 1906 H in existence. The fastest production car in the world at the time, America’s first sports and “muscle” car. Just completed 21 year absolutely correct restoration of an original car that had been in the same family since 1915 when it was purchased to take on a honeymoon trip to Yosemite National Park from near San Francisco, documented in photos.

Fred Marriot called the Model H “the best Stanley for all around road use and hill climbing, better than the Model K”, Fred took a Model H to the British Isles in 1906 and as he said “cleaned up” in all the competition classes.

Less than 20 miles since restoration which included all new wood body and Bourdon boiler with everything else rebuilt, no expense spared. This is as close to the car as it was built as it can be, with no concession to modern driving, no hydraulic disc brakes, sight glasses cut into the body, electric pumps or lights, seat warmers, etc.

Participated in the Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance in 2017 and see the professional video produced by the Wall Street Journal newspaper on YouTube.

Stanley EX 1907
Very original fully restored Stanely EX 1907 nr. 3511 2/4 seater
Restored in 2017 and in perfect working order with 2017 Bourdon boiler and burner.
Valid boiler certificate.
Delivery possible.
Car is located in the Netherlands

1908 EX Stanley

Due to other interests, I am selling my 1908 EX Stanley, which I have owned for approximately 15 years. Runs well. History known and documented since 1967. This is an original car with its original engine, as is shown by correct engine serial number for its year, 1908. As one would expect for such an old car, it is not cosmetically perfect. The car is here in the San Francisco Bay area, and is licensed in California.
1910 Stanley 10 HP Model 60
stanley Steamer
Good running 4-seater car, new wheels, brakes and boiler, boiler inspection and pressure test (to 575 psi) valid to 2.8.18, taxed to 1.8.18. Car #5491, engine and running gear original to car number. Veneer/ply has been renewed and body and fittings have been freshly repainted. Excellent climbing performance. Paperwork includes photographs and US road registration running as a racer in the 1920s (as seen in club mag). Auxiliary Weir water pump to fill boiler, useable down to 100 psi. Pilot lit by spark ignition and 2 x 3.9kg cyl auto changeover propane system, pure petrol starter, runs on 50/50 diesel/petrol. Extra gauges showing propane, steam chest and lubrication oil press. Kit available to measure fore and aft water pump pressures.
Stanley 1919 735B
stanley Steamer

I have a Stanley 1919 735B for sale. It is a good and fast running car with a 26" new Bourdon boiler New crankshaft bearings RVS burner plate. Very good tyres.

1901 Mobile Stanhope

1901 Mobile Stanhope 6 HP S.N. 3137

This car was restored and used by Bob Mead. (I believe it is eligible for the annual London to Brighton Vintage Car Run in the UK which is limited to 1904 cars and earlier.)

Model 72 Stanley Steamer

This Stanley has been recently restored to the highest specification by JR Goold Vintage Steam Restorations Ltd. You will find the key features below: -

20 HP (4"x 5") engine geared 51:57.
24" x 14" boiler *
Propane gas pilot
Burner set up to burn 50:50 Kerosene: Petrol
36"x 4" wheels
Long range water tank fitted to increase range to 40-50 miles per filling
Electric rear stop lamps and indicators
Fully repainted in Brewster green and pin-striped
Hydraulic rear brakes
Brassware polished and lacquered
Supplied with current annual steam certificate. Expires October 2019
Irons in seats ready for hood assembly if desired

*The car has undergone it’s ’10 year’ full inspection (removal of boiler from the car, removal of outer lagging, removal of all fittings and internal inspection for boiler fabric and thicknesses) and has undergone a full hydraulic test.

It is immaculately presented and reaches speeds of 55-60mph effortlessly.

1914 Stanley Model 607 Black Touring Car with red pinstriping, completely restored and lovingly cared for and run by steam enthusiast.

10HP chassis #7712, original engine from factory 6-1316. Engine updated by
Howard Johnson bulletproofing the engine. Car has been outfitted with hydraulicbrakes.This model included the first steering box, oversized 20 inch boiler, and large 40 gallon water tank filled from outside rear. Side curtains included are correctly hung from top crossbows. Sale includes rear trunk for extra storage and spare tire with storage box in center of tire. Rolled out of the factory June 2, 1914, total production 106 and less than 15 survived. 1914 was the last year of the coffin nose Stanley and driving Stanleys on the right side.

1900 Locomobile with Victorian Top
1900 Locomobile
For sale 1900 Locomobile with Victorian Top.
Car is in good running order.
LLoyds boiler certificate and Dutch road registered.
Delivery possible

1912 Stanley Model 75 30hp Roadster (SOLD)
Victor Electric Car
Fully rebuilt in 2017 by the Goolds to the highest standard. Correct aluminium skinned body with enclosed door offering safety and comfort. All brass work professionally lacquered. Gas fired pilot with auto change between gas cyls, and electric sparker. Hydraulic rear brakes, stop light and discrete rear lights, Five flute steam horn and hand bulb horn, large Jones speedometer and two high quality rear view mirrors. A delight to own and drive with plenty of power for any gradient, making it an ideal touring or runabout car.

ModelWorks Likamobile (SOLD)
Steam Traction World steam car
ModelWorks Likamobile. 8 Years Old. Ran for 7 years, has been stood for the last year. Original Boiler, New transformer. SOLD via Steamcar.net

1907 by Victor (SOLD)
Victor Electric Car
This vehicle is a unique electric example built in 1907 by Victor, and is the only one produced. The car spent many years in America where it was on display in a museum, before being imported to the UK. The electrics were completely overhauled, and the vehicle is now fitted with six Odyssey PC2250 high capacity traction batteries, which run for 65 — 75 miles on one full charge, and comes with a Vivian high capacity charging system. Capable of 30mph from the 80 volt motor that is mounted to the rear axle. Fully re-stored to museum standard with both body and chassis in black with gold pinstriping, and black leather upholstery. SOLD

1922 Stanley Model 740D - 20hp (SOLD)
stanley Steamer

1922 STANLEY MODEL 740D - 20HP SEDAN, less than 300 miles since recent completion of a ten year thorough rebuild, new boiler, refurbished engine , new dashboard with refurbished instrumentation, all by John Goold restoraions, new pipework throughout, repainted and new upholstery, coachwork completely refurbished including door frames roof etc. 12 month boiler certificate. SOLD.

1907 Stanley Steamer EX

1907 Stanley Steamer EX for Restoration
Original car, serial number 3511. 85% complete, included is new body. Parts missing include: Boiler.

Stanley for saleLocomobile steam car engine
We have an original locomobile steam car engine for sale, which prior to our purchase some fifty years ago has been converted to a stationary engine with a reversing lever and flywheel for sale

Stanley for sale1919 Stanley 735B Steam Car
Chassis No. 19376
A rare vehicle that came to light after many years of obscurity. Original documents supplied show that this was originally a Californian vehicle being registered to Tom Wade of Wilmington in 1929, then Faye Wade of Pico sold it to George Read of Santa Ana in April 1957 who sold it to Nels Grofthold in February 1963. By this time it was recorded as having no body and the car seems to have lain low for nearly 30 years, it next appears in the ownership of a Robin Downing of Dyfed in 1991 who, in a letter to the Stanley Museum stated that the car was about to be shipped. There are also two letters from Michael Ware, curator of Beaulieu National Motor Museum explaining the cars historical importance for the sake of Customs and Excise. Other letters reveal that it was certainly purchased without a body but was originally fitted with a touring body and a quantity of spares came with it. The car then passed to a family ownership in the midlands where the correct type body was sourced and of the right age, the enthusiast owner embarked on a total restoration and it is related that the boiler, condenser, engine etc all saw extensive work. Clearly the restoration was nearly complete when sadly the owner passed away, the Stanley remained in dry heated storage, untouched for over a decade and was then sold by Cheffins in April 2012 into enthusiast ownership who completed the restoration including a completely renewed interior with Bentley Beluga black leather button back upholstery, a complete new hood and frame, new battery with re -wired lights and a new windscreen. Rallied and shown since the last phase of restoration and now offered for sale with boiler certification and in full running order.

Stanley for sale

Likamobile Replica Steam Car
This is a replica of the 1898 Locomobile Steam Car. The car gets up to steam in 7 minutes and will drive at up to 25 mph. Braking is through small discs on all 4 wheels. There are no gears as maximum torque is achieved at zero speed. Goes as fast forward as backwards!

This car was assembled in 2009 by a builder in Holland. It was imported back into the UK and is now road legal. The car is fired by a Reillo Kerosene central heating burner, which is powered by a 12 volt to 240 volt invertor. To start the car turn the key check the water level in the boiler and main tank and let the boiler start. Once up to 230 psi  jump aboard and drive. It really is that easy.

This is a great way to get into and understand Steam Cars. I am selling because I have bought a 1903 Stanley Steamer. There is a closed trailer, which is fitted with a winch, available for this car so that you can attend rallies and events. The whole rig is about one tonne so can be towed by a small car.


1899 Locomobile Stanhope Restored and used by Bob Mead.

1904 Stanley Steamer CX
1904 Stanley CX

1904 Stanley Steamer CX 10 Horsepower Serial Number 1163

Formerly of the James Melton collection, purchased and restored by Steam enthusiast Louis Biondi in the mid 1960's. This car was a National Show winner at Hershey in 1968. Car is a proven runner from the old Woodstock Steam Tour in Connecticut.

One of the finest, and most original Stanley CX's in existance.

Stanley for sale2003 Scale Steam Car (Rodgers Runabout) SOLD
2 Seater tiller steering, chain drive. Oil/Gas fired. 250psi, 7.5 HP spares.
Current boiler certificate/taxed (fits in SWB transit van). Reg. No V557 KVN.

Stanley for sale(SOLD) Stanley Steam Car 1910 Model 71
Restored in the US and imported in 2005, this 20hp 5 seat grand tourer comes with a full set of weather equipment which was made in the UK. Chassis number is 5697, engine number 7-128. With its quiet running, fine set of lamps, water cooled brakes and water lift, this splendid steamer makes an excellent family car which would be ideal for all types of events. The boiler has had less than 1000 miles use.
From a private collection. Call for more details.
Stanley for sale

Stanley for sale(SOLD) Stanley Steam Car 1910 Model R
Restored in 2003 and imported into the UK by the current owner in 2005, this highly desirable 20hp car comes well equipped with a set of Rushmore lamps and hidden hydraulic brakes. Comes with windscreen, Cape cart hood and good tyres. A new Goold boiler was installed in 2006 and has had less than 300 miles usage. Chassis number is 5730, engine number 7-1138. The vehicle is currently taxed.
From a private collection.
Stanley for sale

Stanley for sale(SOLD) Stanley Steam Car 1907 model EX
Purchased from a Dutch Museum in 1982 and was restored the following year. Engine number is 01370, chassis number 3702 with a 3"x 4" engine and is in remarkably original condition. Comes with a fine set of Rushmore lighting, steam whistle and full instrumentation. Requiring some light recommissioning, this car comes with a brand new boiler and burner ready for installation. Currently SORN.
From a private collection. Call for more details.
Stanley for sale

(SOLD) 2010 Lykamobile
Easy to drive with all round disk brakes for modern traffic. Up to date boiler certificate. Great fun to drive with speeds up to 30mph. Steams in under 5 minutes and very simple to maintain. Full set of drawings and instructions.

Locomobile for sale

(SOLD) Locomobile Parts
Parts to build a Locomobile 2 seater.
List of Parts:

For Sale the following parts to build a Locomobile. 2 seater:-

  • Chassis complete.
  • Front axle
  • Rear axle and diff.
  • 2 front wheels
  • 2 rear wheels
  • Brake parts and chain and sprockets
  • Engine No 4609 rebuilt with new cranks in EN 24 steel
  • Larger B.E. bearings, new piston rings etc.
  • 2 lamps good con. want cleaning.
  • Ceramic insulation enough for 2 cars.
  • Klinger water gauge, overhauled.
  • Steam automatic and spares,new.
  • fuel automatic and spares, new.
  • 10 high quality valves with long stainless spindles.
  • 10 1/4 bsp fittings for boiler, bronze.
  • 2  hand pumps , new .
  • Fuel tank.
  • Water heater , copper tested.
  • copper tube 1/4 and 3/8 inch. and fittings.
  • Steam water syfone.
  • 2 new gauges , steam and air ex J Goold 500 pounds.
  • 1 pilot gauge
  • 1 pilot complete and tested.
  • 1 burner 80% finished.
  • 1 boiler new with hydralic cert.
  • Stainless steel superheater tube
  • Many many drawings and books.
  • 1903 gong and footplate casting.
  • Brain james  4 wheel covered trailer only used a few times.

You will need to make the body, seat and water tank, I think i have all other parts.
Locomobile parts for Sale

(SOLD) Stanley Model 740B 1923

Stanley steam car model 740B 1923 for sale. Very original car with an older restoration, some cosmetic work required with the rear hood section and bonnet left side. Mostly the hinge is damaged. As it sits im told the trim is original and is in good condition for its age, all round this is a very sound car, the alloy body and wood work is very solid, all gauges including fuel work well. The car I was told has a don bourdon 18” wire boiler in it, it has an lpg pilot with the 5kg tanks disguised on the running boards. The pilot system works well and has never gone out on me.

The main burner is a baker slotted type burner, it has 3 inch venturis and is very powerful, it works very well on 70/30 petrol diesel blend it cuts in and out smoothly and has been very reliable. The engine i have not really had to work on whilst in my ownership, the piston rods could do with refinishing as packing is hard to keep from leaking.

Car has a full set of 5 original wire houk wheels which are very valuable. Overall the car is driving and i regularly use the vehicle for local runs, with a bit of tlc this would make an exceptional car for the lucky buyer.

Car is located 2hours south of Sydney nsw Australia, the car was a late south African imported car maybe (1980)s. This car has been granted permission for permanent export from australia, i can forward the letter of clearance on request. Car has chassis tag serial -23478 Engine number as found on a tag on the engine casing-2314? Cant see a number in the engine as with most Stanleys

Price: SOLD

1914 Stanley 606 Roadster

Rebuilt by Justin Goold in the late 1990’s and first appeared at Jeff (Theobald) and my Steam Car Tour at Alton in 1998. Justin and his then girlfriend had driven it up from Camerton that morning and the car (and his girlfriend) looked pretty as a picture!

As mentioned, the car is a 1914 606 Roadster with a 10hp engine. With the higher gearing, it is a fast car and completely sorted, stopping well. Minor upgrades have kept the car in tip top condition with recent jobs including a new superheater, crosshead upgrade and new safety valve. Further, the car went back to Justin and Grant Goold earlier this year for a thorough check over with the engine and other components completing a full overhaul.

Arguably, this car is by far the prettiest of the coffin nose Stanleys. Although only 10hp, it is a powerful car but light enough to make it easy to work on. Ready for immediate use and new boiler certificate.

Jan and I have thoroughly enjoyed this car over the past 8 years and had some great tours and events with it (Melle earlier this year and the Isle of Man in June). However, it is time for someone else to enjoy this delightful vehicle. Click here for more photos


New build STW Lykamobile 2010

In good running condition. Modern burner. Built to high standard. Delivery in UK possible.

Stanley Steam Engine

Probably from c1905 model BX or CX. Counterbalanced crankshaft: 3" x 4" bore and stroke.
8Hp twin cylinder double acting. Engine number 0662. Without final driven gear and differential assembly, but otherwise complete. Rusty and restorable.

1904 Stanley Type CX 8hp steam car

Recent full professional restoration, retaining most original features and coachwork. New boiler and burner. Known history from 1962. Present owner's history file from 1998.
VCC full dating certificate number 3694 (1910). Situated Derbyshire, England.

1928 Super Sentinel Steam Waggon (7591)


One owner since extensive restoration in 1980. Top performer on the road, regularly rallied by road since restoration. Stainless steel inlet and exhaust valves with chrome steel seat inserts. Excellent spiral tube boiler with current certificate. Stainless grate, new solid tyres on rear in 2009. Full diary of mileage and maintenance since 1980 including pictures of 6 year restoration project. Lamps and some spares etc.

Reluctant sale caused by the Stanley Steam Car bug!

1919 Stanley Type 735B.

This car has been restored from the ground up by Les Nelson and completely reupholstered in Connelly leather throughout.
Finished in Russian Sable and Black. She is a 7 seater machine and at around 16 feet long is very much a head turner.
The car is been in ownership by Alex Ritchie, known for his trials with the steam Mini Coopers.

1900 Locomobile Style 2 Steamer
Chassis #755

Click here for more information

Click here for more information & pictures.
Good lively working order. Illustrated restoration article 1955. Two long term renowned steam expert owners post war and retains high order of originality.
AACA First Prize winner 1971. Original coachwork. Wonderful photos from 1950s. A lovely steam car.
Taxed and MOTd

1923 Stanley 7 Passenger Touring Car
Model 750

Click here for more information

Click here for more pictures.
This Stanley is an older restoration, but has always been garaged. Recent work to boiler, burner and condensing system completed for approximately $10,000.
Overall this maroon body and black fender car is in very good condition. The upholstery is as new in black vinyl. Car runs very well and it is always a "show stopper" on the road where it has a history of many wonderful Steam Car meets and tours.

Steam Car Engine.

Click here for large picture.









Click here for large picture.

Complete Steam Engine.

1904 Stanley Model CX.

Click here for more information

Click here for more information & pictures.

1904 Stanley Model CX. All Stanley with the exception of the Ottoway style stainless steel burner, stainless superheater and visible boiler level glass mounted on the side of the body. Mint original upholstery still in place on the folding front seat. A very nice appearing dark green with yellow chassis and all white tires car that was shown at the Amelia Island Concours in 2006 placing first in class. Recent block rebore of the 3 X 4 engine with new pistons and rings. Beautiful brass bail handle side lamps, copper engine covers and detail nickel plating as original.

1914 Stanley Model 607.

Click here for more information

Click picture or here for more information.

This Stanley is a 1914 Model 607. It is a correct authentic car
with a known history from the thirties with supporting documents.


1902 Locomobile 10hp Runabout.

Click here for more information

Click here for more information & pictures.

1902 Locomobile 10 hp runabout. Totally restored 100pt car.
The car is currently in New Hampshire, U.S.A.

1899 Locomobile.

Click here for more information

Click here for more information & pictures.

1899 Locomobile steamer 2 passenger runabout style #1 7.5 hp. Restored car with outstanding Victoria top.
The car is currently in New Hampshire, USA

1924 Stanley Model 750.

Click here for more information

Click picture or here for more information.

See car in steam.

1924 Stanley 750B Touring Car.
It was campaigned in 2007 but not in 2008.

1900 Style 2 Locomobile

Click here for full details and more photographs

Click here for full details and more photographs.

Previously owned by Fran Duveneck, I have known this car for the past 40 years and have driven it often. A very nice original steamer that has been well preserved and well taken care of.

Stanley Model 607 hood

Original hood from Model 607 Stanley No. 7644. Pinholed, and has been stripped of all usable parts - but don't want to throw it away! Buyer collects.
Offers to Peter Turvey, Milestone, Poulton Hill, Marlborough, SN8 1AZ, U.K.
Telephone: +44 (0)1672 514355
Mobile: 07973 519694
Email: peter@peterturvey.com 

White 'O' series engine.

'White 'O' series engine, 20hp, in very good condition, currently on a stand and has been run on air recently'.
Serious offers to . . . .

Michele Goddard.
Phone:- 01380 850508
Mobile:- 07792 136877

1900 Skene Spindle Back Runabout.
Reg No A 158.


Another successful sale through the website!

VCC dating Certificate No 2546 issued 12/12/2007
Comes with confirmed London to Brighton entry for 2010.
New boiler and 10 year supplementary examination certificates.
MOT and tax.  Spare bronze framed engine.  Set of lights.
Covered trailer built on Fountain chassis (at least you arrive at Hyde Park dry!)
Well known Brighton car that starts early. Large history file and valuable registration number.

Price £62,500

Phone or email for more details.

Hugh Mothersole
Phone:- 01787 222211

1902 Toledo Steam Car.

Click here for more information

Click here for more pictures and information.
SOLD RM auction in London on October 27th

For further information, Please Contact
Carla Been
Hyman LTD.
2310 Chaffee Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146
Enquiries by e-mail to carla@hymanltd.com                    Website:- WWW.HYMANLTD.COM

1901 Locomobile Replica.
New Price!

Click here for more information


Another website success!
Click here for more information & pictures.

Locomobile Replica Built 2000-2001. Current boiler certificate
MOT and road tax all ready for this seasons rallies and road runs.


Contact, Dominic Thomas.
Tel; 01983 530361
Mobile; 0784 101 1024
E-mail address.

1904 8HP Stanley CX Stanhope.

Click here for more information

Click here for more pictures and information.
SOLD Bonhams Nov 5th 2010

For further information, please contact:-
Michael Parr
Work 020 7972 6353
Eve 020 7938 4832
or mobile 07734 983333.
E-mail:- m_parr@hotmail.co.uk

1913 20HP Stanley steamer. Model 76

Click here for more information


Another car sold, thanks to the website!

This car has been fully rebuilt with every component, overhauled. Fully accessorised, including luggage rack, spare wheel carrier, water cooling brakes, robe rail and foot rest, plus all the standard original features for 1913.
This car has been used on many tours, often driving to the tour and back again. The windshield offers a very comfortable ride, and with the bonus of front doors, offering the driver and passenger extra comfort as compared to the earlier “coffin nose“ Stanley’s. The back seat has ample room for 3 full sized adults, with the top easily erected. This is a very reluctant sale, but due to family commitments and several ongoing projects, I feel that it is time to find a new owner for this wonderful car. This car will be offered with a Full MOT, Road Tax, Boiler Reports and a FREE full tank of water

For further details, please contact Grant or Justin Goold Tel 01761 470806 Daytime.

Email: Justin@stanleysteamcarparts.co.uk

1910 Stanley Model 60.
10hp Reg No:- BF 4908.

Click here for more information

Click here for more pictures and information.

ModelWorks Likamobile.
Click here for more information

Click here for more pictures and information.

Stanley Parts

        6 - 23" wire wheels for a Model 740/750 Stanley,             20 HP Stanley piston valve engine block made by Gibson,

1920 Stanley 735 (Woods Body).
Click here for more information

Click here for more information & pictures.

This is a 1920 Stanley Steamer 735 that was re-bodied with a 1916 Woods Dual Power body sometime in the 20's. This car stands at an amazing 7' 3" tall.

1904 White Type E Steam Car Rear Entry.Click here for more information

Click here for more pictures and information.

Click here for more information
Click here for more pictures and info.

1910 White Model 'OO' 20hp.

Click here for more information Click here for more information

Click here for more information & pictures.
1910 White Steamer Model 'OO' 20 horsepower 5 passenger touring car. A restored car with a high performance Baker burner. The car is currently in California, USA.

1909 - 1910 White engine.

I have, to use Model T Ford nomenclature, a 'block' and a 'crankcase' for a White of about 1909 or 1910 vintage.
I'm in the US. If anyone in your club can use them, contact me for further details.

Click here for more information
Belgian railway lamp

Click here for more information
Carriage Lamp

Click here for more information
Panther Bicycle Lamp

1909 Buick F Type.
Click here for more information

Click here for more information & pictures.

1909 Buick Type 'F' part completed restoration, very easy to drive, no gears or clutch.
Two cylinder under floor engine, nearly three litres.

Model H 20hp Gentlemens Speedy Roadster.

Click here for more information

Click here for more information & pictures.
After 10 years of intensive steam therapy I feel I am now well enough to sell my 20hp Model H and get on with other projects.

Early Car Parts and Accessories.Click here for more information

Click picture or here for more information.

Westcountry Steam Car Tour Video.

Click here for more information

Click on DVD to see a short extract

Roger Newbery, who produced DVD's of steaming events, This documentary captures the sights and sounds of superb cars and expert drivers, negotiating narrow lanes through verdant vales, up and down steep hills, across expansive moors, visiting pretty villages and ancient towns. Most of the cars were Stanleys of varying types, joined by a few Whites. The film includes commentary and sub-titles to identify vehicles, location of scenes and places of interest.

The film is available as a DVD and runs for 110 minutes


Midlands Meander Steam Car Tour Video.

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Roger Newbery, who produced DVD's of steaming events, has managed to capture in this film the steam cars and their crews, we see the cars cruising through the beautiful English countryside, he also managed to capture some of the struggles to get burners to light, and the fire under control, or just keeping them going until the end of the day.

The film is available as a DVD and runs for 85 minutes


1908 Stanley Model M.
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According to Kit Foster's Stanley Steamer Book the Model M was produced between 1908 and 1909. Stanley's only produced 75 of them, and describe them as large touring cars of 5 seats with a 30 HP engine. 114" wheelbase with gearing of 60:60 and tyre size 36" x 4". They are described as the epitome of the coffin nosed Stanleys.
This Stanley was built over three years by the well known Goold firm in Camerton UK. The 30HP engine is of their own improved design, considerably stronger than the original and installed in a superb copper case with original features, cylinder drains, sump plug, and oil filler.
The Bourdon Boiler steams well and the pressurer gauge rarely drops below 600 psi. no matter how hard the car is driven.
Water tank holds enough for over 50 miles and fuel tank for well over 100 miles.
The only non original departure is the gas pilot and sparker which makes for easy start up and reliability. Two gas bottles are carried on the running board in a black tool box.
Rushmore headlights are acetylene with carbide generator, side lights are oil and rear lamps are electric.
The bodywork, buttoned leather seats and paintwork are all to the highest standard.
Full set of hydraulic, hot and cold steam certificates just tested by A Reen.
The car is in regular use and can be seen and demonstrated by arrangement. Pictures do not show full hood and irons which are in new condition.

1904 Grout Steamer.

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1904 Grout steamer approximately 10 horsepower. Very nice original car, originally manufactured in Orange, Massachusetts, USA.
Restored by Carl Amsley and currently is in New Hampshire, USA.

Selection of side and Headlamps.

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VCC Dated 1901 Locomobile.
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1901 Locomobile spindle seat runabout, VCC dated.  Certificate Number 1603.  In excellent all round order except for a singed boiler on its last Brighton run in 2003.
5.5 HP Reg Number DS 6632.  Car Number 2143.  Engine Number 4993.  Previous owner Brian Crawford.  Colour black and green. Spare engine.
Restore the boiler and be on the 2010 Brighton run this year.

Stanley Spares and Accessories.

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For further information please contact
Bob Gallant,

1911 Stanley Model 71 Kit.
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I have for sale my model 71, kit of parts.
I'm too busy restoring and keeping running all the other stuff I have
My workshop is full, in fact reached the point of overflowing.

Stanley spares.

A number of Stanley parts.

1904? Stanley Seat?

1904 Stanley Steamer spindle seat for sale. This is all original, wood is solid and in-tact. A few of the spindles are not installed. However, we do have the original spindles for restoration.
Currently located in Wisconsin but can transport to MN and IL. Best offer.

1924 Stanley Steamer Model 750A.

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1924 Stanley Steamer Model 750A , 5 passenger Phaeton w/ California (fixed) top. Car features Johnson Bar for hookup & reverse (only 1 pedal on the floor for brakes), steel tube boiler welded at the bottom (to solve the oil in the boiler problem), new brakes, original upholstery, new Lester straight groove tires, 4 steam whistles (2 work - others can if plumbed to work).

Cuban blow off system to allow blow down while traveling on the road - Valve under dashboard.

This car was driven repeatedly every year and kept up to peak performance for the last 9 years.

One of the last Stanley's made . Production # 91 of 102 cars made that last year of the Stanley Motor Carriage Company.
This steam car was featured in Stanley Steamer Tales... by Tom Dawson
A great running steam car - Good Driver
Reason for sale: My purchase of a 1910 Model 70 Stanley Steamer

1903/4 White Model 'C'.

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1903/4 White Model 'C' 5 passenger touring with a rear entrance and surrey top.
The care was restored by Carl Amsley. The car is currently in Fremont, CA
This one is London-to- Brighton elgible.

1919 Stanley 735-A Sierial Number 19312.

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I am selling my 1919 Stanley 4 passenger sports touring. The car is running and a good performer. 40 m.p.h. can be kept up with no problem. It is all stock with the exception of the burner which is of Doble desighn built by Barney Becker. The upholstery is original and I do have all the original front seat. I began to make new patterns for re-upholstering when I decided to go ahead and sell the car.

Here some specs on the car:
1919 Stanley 735-A Sierial Number 19312
Converted to non condensing, but can be re-converted in about 5 minutes
6 chime locomotive whistle built by Ole Vickerie
All pumps and pump drive rebuilt. Rear end of pump rod has non self aligning bearing.
All upholstery in car original, Spare tyre cover.

Four 28" X 3" beaded Edge Tyres
Universal Tire Co.

Bought from America to fit my Decauville, a changed of mind and I fitted a different tyre.
Never fitted, as new, some marks from storage which can be removed with a good clean.

1900 Locomobile.

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The wheels are 28" * 3" with Spokes ( 40 ) * 4 m/m Springs (copy of original) and the burner from New Zealand,
Part of fuel regulator. The boiler is a mono-tube as White System. on the table, Pilot by Gas

1905 White Model 'E'.

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1905 White Steamer model "E" Rear entrance tonneau, Manufactured in 1904 by The White Sewing Machine Company, Cleveland Ohio USA. London to Brighton eligible. Restoration well underway from an original car. Extra parts, Photos, Literature, Original leather (plus new leather--7 hides).
This was the first year for the 2-speed rear end and neutral.
The Model "E" White won many performance prizes in the early Glidden Tours, the tour originator Augustus Post personally drove his own White.
Will assist in arranging container shipping.

1899 Grout Drop Front Runabout.

Believed to be oldest surviving Grout. Unrestored. Original car, fairly complete. New boiler and burner pan, rebuilt throttle. Major missing items are: hand pumps (both fuel and water); one side lamp; and piston and operating arm for fuel pump (pump is there, with check valves and packing nut.

V.C.C. Dated 1900 Milwaukee steam car.

I have owned this car for about 20-years, having bought it at Christies Auction at Beaulieu
during 1989 from Mr D.M. Leadbetter of Liphook, Hampshire. - who regularly did London to Brighton runs with it.
Since owning the car I have had a new boiler fitted (which I purchased as a spare from Mr Leadbetter).
I have a spare engine which I also purchased from Mr Leadbetter. It has a hood which is not shown in the photograph.
The car can be inspected at my address,
The car was officially dated on 9th September 1948, by the Veteran Car Club - Certificate No 110.
I want it to go to a good home, where it will be looked after and enjoyed.

Unidentified twin cylinder steam engine

This steam car engine is a Clark class A. engine. These were manufactured by Edward S. Clark, 278 Freeport street, Boston, Mass. There are some differences between this engine and the one shown in Gardner D. Hiscox book but the basic design and many of the details are the same. The class A. was built in four sizes, 2.25 x 4, 2.5 x 4, 2.75 x 4 and 3 x 4 and weighed around 50 lbs. The company built cars and also supplied machinery to others for their own products. The frame looks a little more substantial than the 1900 engine suggesting this is a slightly later unit.
Have a look at more pictures

1921 Stanley Model 735B.

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1921 Stanley Model 735B 7-Passenger Touring, Serial No. 21106, Engine No. 3416
This Stanley was completely restored in the 1990's.

Stanley B Steam Car Project

Stanley Model B Steam car project.

Gardner Serpollet Steam Car.

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No longer available.

Likamobile Parts.
I was going to build a LikaMobile, but having just finished a 4” Burrell Road loco,
I have to be realistic and I do not have the space to build such a project.
Therefore I now have for sale the following items:

1 x Riello RDB1 (70-90) Oil Burner.

1 x Dayland Engine drawings.

Part built Day-Land steam car engine

Part built Day-Land steam car engine with full set of drawings.

1901 Locomobile Style 2.

I am selling my 1901 Locomobile Syle 2. It is an original car.

Stanley 63 - 10 HP - 1911

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Stanley 63 - 10 HP - 1911. Fully restored 2002 - 2005.
Kerosene with gas (or original petrol) pilot. 4 wheel brakes. Discreet electric lights.
Detachable rims. A totally docile and reliable car, has toured Brittany & the Scottish Islands.
Very weather resistant with cosy hood. 'Easy' 2 wheel trailer and weather cover included.

Steam Car Components

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Complete early chassis, spoked steel wheels, brass hub caps, Buff Log book,
Two cylinder Stanley type engine, 23" Stanley type boiler,
other components including Klinger Gauge, new Pressure Gauge. Water Pump, Fuel and Water Tanks,
and many other components.

Pearson-Cox Steam Car.

Pearson-Cox Steam Car. Three cylinder single acting engine. Rebored, New pistons rings etc. A recent complete build. Pretty two seater body for lots of fun, genuine reason for sale.


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Set of lamps including generator.

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Two 8" Rushmore Headlamps, Two American style sidelamps, Tail lamp, Acetylene Generator.
all in fair to good condition.

Acetylene Generator and Lamps.

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Stanley - 10 HP.

1911 10hp Stanley Steamer.

Stanley EX - 10hp.

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Stanley EX - 10 HP. Fully restored.
This well know car comes with seat covers, tools & spares, two new spare tyres.
Also availiable at extra cost a well made recently serviced covered trailer with new tyres just fitted.
Car in UK at this time, demonstration possible. email will not be answered for a few weeks.

1905/06 Stanley 10hp engine

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Stanley 3x4 10hp engine, number 01917, incomplete, good for peace of mind if you run one of these, well worth completing as I intended doing, had done little running before it was starved of oil which damaged the valve faces, there was plenty of metal to enable remachining this I have done turning it into a good block, the rest is in excellent condition,

6 1/2 hp Stanley Engine

6 1/2 hp Stanley Steam car engine.

Boxford CUD Toolroom Lathe.
Excellent order with accessories, 3 phase.

This fabulous 1911 Stanley Type 63.
Click here for more pictures.......... www.prewarcar.com

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for more info

1903 Folding Front Runabout,

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I have a 1903 Folding Front Runabout, #507 that I wish to sell.
It is unrestored and about 85% complete. It could be a C or CX, as it is set up for a 16" boiler.
The car comes with 2.5" X 3.5" engine (the correct size),
I also have a spare 3" X 4" (correct for BX,CX, D, DX, E and EX) this engine is available separately.
There are many new or restored parts.

The Barrett Steam Car.

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Narrow Gauge Whistle

Full size copy of South African narrow gauge whistle, built from works drawings,
It has been fitted with 1/8" NPT inlet which works well with 500psi of steam.

1910 - 12 Stanley 10hp Model 60/62 Bodies and Parts

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This is an authentic reproduction Stanley Model 60/62 body with folding rear seat.
It is upholstered in artificial leather in the original style, primed and ready for final
preparation and paint. Please note: there are no floorboards!

1905 White-Stanley mix.

I have a steam car for sale that I'd like to offer to your club members....
It has a 1905 Model E White engine mated to a Stanley steam generation system.
It uses all the Stanley pumps, and automatics with the exception of the water pumps
where White power pumps are used, located on the side of the engine.
It's all rebuilt and has a new Bourdon boiler and runs fine. The best of both worlds.
This car is located in Chicago and is offered at about half the price of either a Stanley or White.
The chassis is a 1913 Overland, all steel, the wheels are 30 X 3.5.
I will provide a notarized bill of sale to purchaser.

Hypro Feed Pump

Brand new & boxed twin cylinder pump model no: C5330AR
Purchased for use on a mono tube boiler project but not used.
Flow rate max 9 litres/min at up to 35bar. 1/2" female screwed connections.

The Likamobile

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This well know four seat steamer has completed many tours through the years
and was one of the three british cars to climb Mount Washington on the 13th August 1999,
in excellent condition and ready to tour.

1906 Stanley Replica.

Stanley steamer 1906 replica, build in 1996, 80% of true size
Real wooden wheels. Leather interior. Price negotiable, Offers are welcome
Two cylinder engine. Boiler capacity is 15 liters. Steam-pump. Hand-pump.
Pictures of construction are avaiable. Comes with a custom made trailer.

World's oldest car.

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SOLD FOR $3.520.000 including buyer's premium

Excellent short video with sound.

Model 740 Stanley engine and rear axle.
Complete with engine case, cylinder covers, and pump drive unit.
Both are in good condition. Engine valves are excellent.

Part built Day-Land Steam Engine.

Part built Day-Land steam car engine, complete with set of drawings.
Further photo's available if required. Now surplus to requirements and space needed.

Manzel Lubricator

One lubricator by Manzel Brothers , Buffalow, NY USA. Ser No 79023. good condition and working order.

1907 Stanley Model "F"

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1907 Model F Stanley Steamer Serial Number 3068
Only known 1907, 20 horsepower Model F. Formerly of the Marshall Collection from 1950-1980.
This car was originally found in Maine by Donald Randall and then sold to John Miller
who traded the car to Mr. Marshall for a White Steamer.
This very original older restoration Stanley, including its original upholstery, has a new boiler and burner.
This car has been in storage for the last 20 years.

1914 Stanley 606

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1917 Stanley 735A five seat tourer.

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1984 Reliant Fox Steam Pick Up
Click here for video of car at 40mph.

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1932 Morris commercial pickup

Three Tube Indicator.

10hp Stanley.

Stanley Mountain Wagon.


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Early Mason Engine.

Stanley Type Fuel Filter.Click here for more pictures.
1900 Locomobile.


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1910 Stanley Model 70.

All these items
and many others


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