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Steam Car Suppliers List

Accepta Ltd
From Les Nelson
A number of members asked me about water treatment for boilers I promised to do a bit of searching for definitive information.
Accepta Ltd Manchester.
Tel 0161 877 2334

They were very helpful. Check out the info and prices below.
Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
Boiler Water Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor Products, Prices.
Boiler Water Oxygen Scavengers & Condensate Line Protection Products, Prices.

Advanced Alloys
For Brass and Copper tubing, Sheet or Bar in all sizes.

Anglo Stainless
These people can supply stainless tubing. - Mike Clark
Anglo Stainless, Ossett Lane, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury. WF12 8LS. Tel 01924 430044
Email:- anglouk@aol.com
I used this for my steam pipe, in 316 Stainless. 3/8"NB x 40 316L SMLS It is about 17mm o/d with a0.5 inch bore. They will supply short lengths but have a minimum £20 order charge.

Anthony Bever B.Sc (Lond.)
Steam & General Engineering

Recently I had a new Stanley gauge returned under complaint. I found that indeed it was not right.
Unfortunatly the owner had been rather brutal externally and had opened it, rummaged in its giblets there by negating any sort of guarantee. I was a bit, just a bit you understand, reluctant to repair, fit a new movement and recalibrating. The owner refused to pay so I returned the gauge to him.
Moral: "If its broke don't try to fix it, leave it to the experts".

Armstrong World Industries Ltd.
Stanley Flooring Material - Linoleum.
I have discovered another linoleum supplier - Armstrong Flooring.
Their "Uni Walton" range comes in a variety of colours including a range of greys.
101-057 Twilight has proved the closest match to the remaining original lino on Stanley 7644.
The lino comes in 2m roll widths, length as required, and is not very expensive.
Fleck Way, Teesside Industrial Estate, Thornaby on Tees, Cleveland. TS17 9JT
Phone: 01642 768660 - Fax: 01642 768822
Email:- CUSamples@armstrong.com

Britten's Brass Works, LLC
10391 I Drive South, Ceresco, MI 49033.
Tel:- USA 269-979-3928
For all your Brass Lamps and fittings on Stanley's or any type of car.
Brass polished and Lacquered

BSA Tuberunner
I would like to introduce you to BSA Tuberunner, we are suppliers and manufacturer's
of amongst other things Tube expanders for the resealing of boiler tubes.

I have supplied in the recent past several of your club members throughout the UK,
with tube expander tooling/equipment.

For further information please contact Adrian Packham
Technical Sales Engineer
BSA Tube Runner
Speedwell House
West Quay Road
SO15 1GY
Telephone:- 023 80 366 410
Fax:- 023 80 399 113
Email:- adrian.packham@bsa-regal.co.uk - - - - Web Site:- www.bsa-regal.co.uk

Calimers Wheel Shop
30 East North Street,
PA 17268.
Tel:- USA 717-762-5056.
Email:- wdcalimer@pa.net Web Site:- www.calimerswheelshop.com
Manufacturer of High Quality Wooden Wheels for Antique Automobiles.

Cast Iron Welding Service
Had a catastrophe these people may be able to help.
Have a look at their web site.
They seem to be able to repair anything.
E-mail: sales@castironwelding.co.uk
Web Site: www.castironwelding.co.uk

Don Bourdon Boilers
click here for more information
All sizes, copper-tubed, wire-wrapped, original design. Hydro-tested prior to shipment, 35 years experience; original style. Also new drilled Stanley burners, all sizes, complete with Stanley/Packard pilot and ready for installation. Boiler and burner repairs/rebuilding. For details regarding construction/material specifications Click here.
click here for more information
Bourdon Boiler Works (BBW) is an experienced manufacturer of Stanley boilers with over thirty-five years experience serving the steam car hobby. Quality craftsmanship leading to the faithful reproduction of the original style steam boiler is our number one objective. Our design and construction methods are proven as we have built hundreds of boilers, many of which have been in service over twenty years and have logged thousands of miles under the most varied conditions. Please contact us for addition information.

Bourdon Boiler Works constructs on a custom order basis new slotted or drilled vaporizing burners for Stanleys, set-up for the single fuel or two fuel systems. We use original style patterns for the casting for most sizes. We make no compromises on quality. All construction details closely follow original features.

Other selected products and services are available from Bourdon Boiler Works, including exhaust feed water heaters, super heaters, steam loops as well as detailed quality and authentic Stanley restorations.
Click here for more information.
For further information please call
Don Bourdon,
Bourdon Boiler Works, P.O. Box 55, Woodstock, VT U.S.A.
Phone No: 802-457-3787
Email:- donbourdon@comcast.net

Click here for information about layout and tapping boilers.

Click here for information about Keeping Your Stanley Boiler Clean.

Freedom Engineering Co. Ltd.
Gear Specialists
Mike Freeman is willing to make any gears/differentials, etc that club members may require.
Differential for Doble D2

Differential for Doble D2
Gear Specialists
Mike Freeman is willing to make any gears/differentials, etc that club members may require.
34 Springfield Way, Anlaby, Hull. HU10 6RT.
Telephone: 01482 565566

Hallett Oils Ltd
Cylinder Oil developed for use in Stanley Steam Cars
25 Litres £62.86 plus delivery.

Jointing Compound made by Heldite Limited, Bristow Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW3 1UP.
Phone 020-8577 9157 or 9257.
Sold in 250ml cans for about £7 by heating engineer's suppliers.

J. R. Goold Vintage Steam Restorations Ltd.
All parts are faithfully reproduced from original components where possible.
Every effort has been made to keep appearance and specification the same as original.

Hammond Chemicals, Canal Street, Brierley Hill, West Midlands. DY5 1JR.
Tel: 01384 480600      Fax: 01384 480 680.
They are very helpful and can deliver quantities from as little as 5 litres, although the economical quantity is in 25 litre drums

Heritage Steam Supplies
This company can supply all the different types of insulation material and more
Unit 34 Brunel Way Segensworth East, Fareham Hants PO15 5SF
Have a look at www.ibhs.co.uk or call 01489 570737

J.R. Goold Vintage Steam Restorations Ltd.
7 Wick Lane,
BA2 0PG.
Phone: 01761 470806
Fax: 01761 470581
Email:- justin@stanleysteamcarparts.co.uk
Web Site:- www.stanleysteamcarparts.co.uk
Click here for more information

Knitmesh Technology

The rings were purpose made for my Doble E22. The company will make them to any size required.
They just need scarf cutting with a small cutting disc. They do not fall apart when cut. Barry.
For further information please email
Mark Hignett. KnitMesh Technologies.
Telephone:- 01352 717658 - Fax:- 01352 717669
Email:- mark.higlett@knitmeshtechnologies.com

If you are stuck for materials try K STEELS Huddersfield they will supply materials to your specification, or just good old mild steel, what they don't stock they mostly can get quite quickly. Stainless steels. Aluminium. sheet or bar. Continuouse round cast iron bar. Telephone. 01484 510512
Block 7 Park Gear Works Park Road Lockwood Huddersfield Yorks HD4 5DA
Regards Les Nelson.

Faithfully reproduced from an original wheel hub bolt.
Supplied by Mr. Thomas Marshall Jr.
Description: Large carriage head (less square shoulder) as per original.
Dimensions are American Inch Diameter: 3/8" threads: 16 length: 2 1/2".
* length left longer for peen over, material: grade 2 Hardness 1045 cold rolled steel.

Bolts are priced at $4.00 ea.
Selling in packages of 6 bolts only. Will need to purchase 4 packages for a complete set of wheels: $96.00.Prices do not include shipping.
Click here for pictures

For more information about reproducing a brass era automobile part, please contact:
CANFIELD, OHIO 44406, U.S.A. Telephone:- U.S.A. 330 -774 -8060 OR 330 -533 -3476
Email:- modelTmichael@yahoo.com

Leather Care & Repair
Leather Care & Repair – Leather Repairs & Leather Restoration.

They have a massive on-line catalogue.
They stock Stainless, Steel and Brass fittings.
Their website is worth a look.
Contact address....
McMaster-Carr, 200 Arora Indutrial Pkwy, Aurora, OH 44202-8087 U.S.A. Phone: USA 330-995-5500
Fax: USA 330-995-9600
Email:- cle.sales@mcmaster.com Web Site:- www.mcmaster.com

Northern Heating Spares, Middlesborough
From John Wilks

These people can supply constant sparkers.
10 Bulmer Way Cannon Park Way Middlesborough TS1 5J2
Tel 01642 250230
They were very helpful and can supply for £43 + VAT.

Peter Cookson
Steam Packing, Insulation Products, Steam Gaskets.
Seals and Sealants
I have supplied many Steam Car owners over the years
Recommended by The Steam Car Club of Great Britain.
Telephone 01590 674850

Preston Services
Steam cars and accessories for sale, Preston, Canterbury, Kent, CT3 1DH, England.

Red Fox Limited - Freight Forwarding Agents

I have used this company myself and found them to be very helpful.
They also keep you informed all the way through the process.
For further information please contact
Peter Armsby. Red Fox Line Limited.
Telephone:- 01444 257000 - Fax:- 01444 257888
Email:- peter@redfoxline.com
Web Site:- www.redfoxline.com

R H Specialist Insurance
Click here for .pdf showing details of cover provided
0333 0433911

Savage & Daughters Ltd
Stanley engine refurbishment with maximum retention of original parts.

Hard chroming without disassembly. Keep your original pistons, rods and crossheads.
Main and big end bearings. Keep your original crankshaft and bearing shells. Replace
just the rollers, either with original size or oversize.
Bespoke designs for non-destructive addition of front brakes
Add disk brakes to front wheels without welding or non-reversible modification of
original parts.

Just call 01582 832040 in UK or email john@sanddltd.com

Stanley Steamer Replacement Components
Rempco Inc.
Specialised Manufacturing
Quality Replacement Parts for your Steam Car or designs to your specifications.

Contact address....
Rempco Inc
251 Bell Avenue,
PO Box 1020,
Cadillac Michigan 49601-6020 U.S.A.
Phone: USA 1-231-775-0108
Fax: USA 1-231-775-9936
Email:- info@rempco.com Web Site:- www.rempco.com
Click here for more information

Steaman. Inc
A supplier of parts to club members owning Stanley Steamers. www.steamaninc.com

Stanley Parts
Email:- stanleys@ptd.net

Stanley Flooring Material - Linoleum
Customer Service Centre, Armstrong World Industries Ltd. Fleck Way, Teesside Industrial Estate
Thornaby on Tees, Cleveland. TS17 9JT
Phone: 01642 768660 Fax: 01642 768822
Email:- CUSamples@armstrong.com

Stanley Flooring Material - Linoleum
Available 2m wide and 2.5mm thick in various solid colours.
They have various distributors across the UK.

I have made or repaired wheels for Maxwell, Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, Model T Ford, Autocar, Star, White, Stanley, Argyll, Panhard et Levassor, De Dion Bouton, Belsize, Chrysler and probably others which I don’t remember.
My techniques follow the old way of making them, and avoid distortions to the spun rims which other wheelwrights risk.

For further information please email
Robert Hurford
Wooden Veteran Car Wheels.
Email:- rphurford@gmail.com

Vintage Steam Products, LLC
Your source for high quality reproductions, insulation, fittings, and tools for Stanley Steam Cars.
4431 Allencrest Lane, Dallas, TX 75244-7506 USA
Web site:- www.vintagesteamproducts.com
Email:- donhoke@tx.rr.com
or:- sales@vintagesteamproducts.com
Telephone:- USA (972) 661-9672.
Click here for Vintage Steam Products Catalogue

Vintage Tyres
They have an on-line catalogue.
They stock all sizes and makes of tyres.
Their website is worth a look.
Contact address....
Vintage Tyre Supplies Limited,
National Motor Museum,
SO42 7ZN
Phone: 01590 612261
Email:- sales@vintagetyres.com Web Site:- www.vintagetyres.com

Vinton Engineering Services (VESL)
is now fully operational and covered with £1,000,000 PI insurance and £2,000,000 PL insurance. We now offer boiler surveys and inspections to PSSR 2000.
Website: vesl.vpweb.co.uk
Telephone: 07515 389328 E-mail: ian.vinton@gmail.com

Welding Helmets - Automatic Darkening
I am a classic car enthusiast (currently restoring 1968 Beetle) I have a general interest in all classics and stumbled upon your site while looking for clubs e.t.c. that may be interested in the products I have for sale. I would like to make it clear I am not a professional trader but have aquired a few of these helmets and am looking to pass them on to like minded people at a very good price. The helmets are high standard and manufactured to 'ANSI Z87' standards for eye and face protection. They are also CE Marked. The helmets will be for sale for £ 35.00 + p+p. If anyone is interested please mail me at: machinchris2@aol.com
I can send full tech spec and photo's if required.
Please let me know. Many thanks - Chris.

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