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Green Mountains Steam Car Tour Video on DVD

Enjoy the excitement, the adventure, the fun of a steam car tour with the participants — with this documentary of the 2008 Green Mountains Steam Car Tour in Bennington, Vermont. Its about cars under power of steam and the people who care for and maintain them.

It also has a little taste of Bennington, Vermont--covered bridges, monuments and history. Mostly, it is about those who polish, shine and pamper to preserve a part of America's past.

There is a certain amount of good natured fun between steam car operators. Most importantly though, there is a great amount of respect for one another and one another’s cars. There are only so many Stanleys and other steam cars left in this world. Those who have them have taken on a special responsibility to preserve a piece of automobile history.

Sam and Linn Kirkpatrick family organised the tour, they are seen here with their 1909 E2.

A rally is an opportunity to get together and speak “steam.” In the parking lot with the hood up, or on the road chuf chuf chuff ing, it is a time to indulge the hobby that is a passion. It is a time to set out each morning looking for adventure, discovery, water, and hopefully not having to make a call to AAA.....

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