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1921 Stanley Model 735B 7-Passenger Touring, Serial No. 21106, Engine No. 3416 SOLD

This Stanley was completely restored in the 1990s by retired machinist Ed LaFleur. After purchasing the car Mr. LaFleur did a 100% ground-up restoration, going through every system on the car. At that time it received new paint, new leather interior, all new plaiting, all instruments rebuilt, and a new top with matching boot and tonneau covers for the back seat and the front seat. It was a true bodyoff restoration with every nut and bolt restored. Pictures of the car document the restoration.
When the present owner purchased this car about six years ago, he decided to buy this particular car because he thought it was one of the most complete restorations of a condensing Stanley around. Even though it is now starting to show some age on the restoration, it is still a nice-looking car that has been restored correctly. It has logged 12,000 miles since restoration and has been on many steam car tours. List of things that have done for the car in the last four years (approx. 2,000 miles):

New Boiler, made by Howard Johnson
New Baker Burner, made by Allen Blazick (works wonderfully)
Pumps rebuilt by John Packard
Brakes relined
New White Wall Tires.

Current condition:
This car is still a very nice car, but it is showing signs of a fifteen-year-old restoration. The paint looks great from ten feet, but does have some small checking in places. There are also the normal scratches and scruffs from a car that has toured 12,000 miles. The leather interior is still very nice. The plaiting is all excellent other than the lower windshield frame that has some rust in the bottom corners.
The car is in perfect condition to tour with, and has been on several steam car tours in recent years. It has the nicestworking Baker burner I have ever been around, touring several thousand miles without having a single light back or tube fire. It steams great, and is exceptional workmanship.
There are a few things that this car will need over the next few years to keep it up and going. The lower windshield will need attention – the frame will either need to be reworked and plaited or be replaced. The water tank is currently good, but has been patched several times and will eventually need to be replaced. A new top and boot would really freshen-up the restoration.


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