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The Website
Welcome to the website - we hope you notice a few changes and improvements.

Firstly the site now needs a couple of requirements from your browser/computer. No need to panic though as it probably has them setup from the previous site to view some of the slideshows. The new site relies on this on every page.

1. The menu/navigation on the left needs Flash to run. If you do not have it you can download and install it from Adobe within a couple of minutes. You'll be asked to download it if you do not have Flash, or if your version of Flash is an older variant.
2. Javascript needs to be enabled, this can be turned on (or off) in your browser settings. The majority of settings have Javascript defaulted as 'on.'

And that's it. Enjoy the site and we look forward to your feedback.

Help with the Website
All the website contents can be found HERE. A full listing of pages on the site, with the first page (index page) having multiple opportunities to go direct to your choice of page/feature.

Join in
If you feel inspired by the site and have a relevant article to submit - get in touch. We'd love to hear from you. You can contact the Steam Car Club HERE


Web Designers Comments
The site is simply huge. Jam packed with facts, pictures, events and fascinating information for anyone who is interested not just with steam powered vehicles, but in history, nostalgia and engineering. The original site has now been replaced with this new design (January 1. 2011) and we hope you like the modern look. What we inherited was an incredible website filled with marvelous information produced and updated by one club member over a six year period - Jeff Theobald and we feel we must mention him and his huge contribution to this project. We have been fascinated with the content and it has been extremely noticeable the enthusiasm and passion Jeff had for his hobby. We haven't rewritten much of the content at all, the majority is exactly how Jeff wrote and added it in. Our job was to ensure all the pages could be accessed easier and the hundreds of articles and photographs in this archive can be enjoyed by all, easily updated to ensure a constant flow of latest news and developments and if we could add a few touches of great design here and there then all the better! We have very much enjoyed taking on the challenge of updating the website.

We dedicate the Steam Car Club website to Jeff Theobald and thank him for the legacy of the online archive and resource enabling many thousands of people to learn all about steam for many years to come.

Nick Price
Nick Price Creatives

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