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1. Make.............................Stanley
2. Model............................735B
3. Year..............................1922
4. Chassis No:-.................22 - - -
5. Reg No:-.......................SV 8067
6. Engine No:-..................Not Known

Having just read your request for more steam car news however trivial, I though I would write and update you on our 1922 Stanley 735B. This is the car that I bought from Derrick Mills in 1999 following its acquisition and return from the USA by Gerry Stoneman. I understand that he rallied it at the 1999 Centennial Tour and it also climbed Mount Washington. (See Steam Car issue 6). I did this last year in a modern “internal explosion” vehicle, following a visit to the Stanley Museum in Maine, so he has my sincere admiration. When SV 8067 arrived I knew little or nothing about steam cars. It was largely thanks to Peter Stevenson, at whose house the car was garaged and Simon Webb who lives locally with his CX that I gained any early confidence. During 2000 John Goold refurbished the pump box and we de-oiled the water tank. Later in 2002 John also received the engine for a full overhaul. The car has performed well on local outings using hexane (pilot) and paraffin--although Les Nelson's help with various vaporiser tube problems must be acknowledged. However following its annual boiler test this year the boiler developed leaks that endless swaging has not managed to cure. I suspect this was due to the wire wound boiler design and the difficulties associated with oil removal with a condensing car, as I have never knowingly scorched the boiler. Although I have considered retubing, advice given has now finally persuaded me to opt for a new boiler and burner from John Goold, which is eagerly awaited. Although I have covered well over 1000 miles since acquiring the car this has only been on local runs from home. My family hope that we will be back in action for 2005 and be able to undertake our first major steam car tour with the Midlands Meander in June, where I look forward to meeting some new friends and enjoying first hand the camaraderie and advice that is always described in the pages of the Steam Car Magazine. I think it is always difficult getting into a new hobby. However everyone I have met or talked to about steam cars has always been really helpful and quite understanding especially when I consider the sort of questions I once asked. Fortunately there are some super websites and a wealth of material for novice owners to draw upon and of course the wonderful Stanley Museum. I have absolutely no regrets about my acquisition and look forward to learning more. The year has not been wasted; I have been celebrating the centenary of our Edwardian Steam Launch "Firebird" both on our local river in Suffolk and on the Thames.

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