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2006 SACA Meet.
The Steam Automobile Club of America.
This series of pictures show some of the steam cars which attended.

The car is based on a T bucket, Chuk Williams is the owner-driver. The engine is from WWII, developed in Southern California as an alternate to the gasoline rationing. A Perrymobile Vee 4 using a lot of automobile components and custom cast cylinders, uniflow with poppet valves. When this picture was taken, the boiler was a Dick Smith mono-tube, that was not possible to control. Chuk now has a modified steam cleaner 1/2" schedule 80 black iron monotube, gun burner and a computer chip control system develped by Roger Ulskey that reads trends in the steam temperature and does an excellent job of controlling the boiler.

This car is a DeLoura replica that was originally made in Iowa. It has a Locomobile engine and a monotube boiler that has no control system on it. The car is now owned by Tony Grzyb who is making a new boiler based on the Lane vaporizing burner and a positive displacement LaMont circulating pump system.

Tom Kimmel's dune buggy steam conversion, using a VW front and rear axle and suspension with a tubular welded frame. The boiler came from the SACA West Three wheeler and is a monotube designed by the late Peter Barrett. It has a spinning cup burner and a quartz rod controller with a normalizer, exactly like a Doble. The engine is a 2x2x2 slide valve Vee 2 made by Rod Muller of Strath Steam in Australia. The water pump control is by an electric clutch from an automobile air conditioner compressor. There is a notched belt drive to a jack shaft that gives a 4-1 gear up on the drive using the original VW pressure plate, clutch and four speed transmission.

These two pictures are of Bill Ryan's hot head engine go kart. The engine is a single cylinder with the burner impinging directly on the head heating it red hot. The cylinder is then wrapped with a monotube set of coils to heat the water. This is one of the fastest vehicles when it runs, but it is often plaged with plumbing difficulties with the fuel lines or electrical wiring issues that prevent it from running.

This is the original frame from the SACA West Three wheeler now owned by Tom Kimmel. This was a Cushman utility vehicle converted in the 1980's to steam by the club in the Los Angeles area. Fitted with a Day-Land engine machined from a casting kit made in the Los Angeles area. It is more or less a modernized Locomobile engine. Two speed transmission in the drive line. The boiler was removed for use on the dune buggy so it is not in this photo. The vehicle was very reliable and went well but braking and handling was not good, this left the driver feeling uncomfortable

These two pictures are of Chuk Williams' dragster. The engine is an outboard motor modified by Art Gardiner of Tennessee with overhead poppet valves and twin sliding cams. It is a three cylinder. The boiler is one donated off the shelf by Jay Carter of Wichita Falls, Texas. It is a monotube with a spinning cup burner and three normalizers. This is a very fast vehicle and will do about 70 mph in a 1/8th mile (660') standing start time trials.

Jim Tangeman's wood fired garden tractor. Jim is driving and the passenger is Tony Grzyb. The engine is a two cylinder double acting slide valve made from scratch by Jim. The boiler is a water tube with three drums and a separator drum. It is very fast and will go about 40 mph with a good hot wood fire. Jim has been making wood fired vehicles for years and they always run very well.

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